An unceasing prayer and still is this 2021

“Oh, Lord God, we are praying for You to send us revival”

The Spirit of the Lord said, “there is not worship in the body of Christ

Praying for a revival? Worship God.

God is worshiped with music, singing, dancing, praises, prayers and honor to Him and with other ways; but worship is not the music, singing and dancing but it is a posture of the heart which is outwardly manifested by a worshiper with hands raised, face on the ground, laying prostrate, kneeling, and etc. These postures of worship were demonstrated by Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, the prophets and the heroes of faith. If God the Father does not change then why does the posture of church worship changed?  It is the presence of God that brings revival and if the church is hungry for God’s presence then the church should worship God unrestrained by time!

Where is USA in the Bible?

Every Christian must hear. USA, the wings of a great eagle for Israel in Revelation 12. Click link to listen to an audio message Every-Christian-must-hear-1

Prophetic message for the year 2020

Many refers to the Hebrew calendar and claim the year 2020 as the year to proclaim or declare what was seen in 2019. They can have their opinion but Elijah Movement International asks the question, “what did you see in 2019 that needs to be proclaimed in 2020?”; so, we say no to that but rather 2020 is the year for all of us to see the hands of the Lord on USA and its renewed global influence. For the first time in history, 70% of Americans will be one. Those who oppose should brace for impact.


Hundreds of prophets could have been killed if prophet Elijah was around today

The race to discover a COVID 19 Vaccine is on while a prophets’ race goes on of who had the foreknowledge of this global pandemic.

Prophets, you may have felt something was coming or maybe you knew there was going to be some sort of a virus attack on the land. But you did not have the understanding how big it was going to be; otherwise you would have done everything to inform the White House and world?

God is talking to you prophets, to all of us self righteous people who are called by His name. It does not matter how anointed we all are or and how much kingdom works we have done for the glory of God. We must repent from our self righteousness. Prophet Joel says in 2:13, Rend our hearts and not our garments! how do we know we are self-righteous? It’s simple, we are self-righteous if we think we are not”. So, pray not for other people to repent. We are the ones who need to repent. This crisis is from God to us who are called by His name.

Prophets, if this COVID 19 is not for you then why are you disinfecting, social distancing, and self quarantining? To listen to an audio message click link > 2020.



Proverbs 18:21 (KJV)
21  Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Books written about death and life are in power of the tongue need revised.

No tongue has power to proclaim death, misfortune or curse over anyone who is obedient to God.

No tongue has power to proclaim life, victory or blessing over anyone who is disobedient to God.

But your tongue has power over you. So, be careful of what you declare to yourself.




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